Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stealth camping 25 Nov 2012

Well my first night at stealth camping,  I was not quite sure what to expect.
I decided to park in plain view so I opted for clevedon seafront as I had seen many people doing the same before.

My personal opinion on stealth is its probably best just kept for night stopovers as you feel you can't quite relax. I parked under a street light but found it went off at midnight so was in the dark anyway.

Writing this blog at 2am in the morning and there are still cars going up and down the road. I am very surprised as to how busy the roads are, there is lots of rain so this has probably kept people from walking to the pubs and using there cars instead.

It's 7am Sun morning, had quite a restless night but it was warm and dry ( opposite to out side the van! )had my cup of coffee and now its time for a walk and see what the morning looks like.
A nice walk along the sea front with the morning autumn blue sky, Nice start to the day.

Anyway glad I tried it, will most likely will be doing it again, as its free!

stealth Clevedon

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