Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A38 Dec 1st 2012

Off we go again. Another night at wild camping. Just an excuse to test out my new home made Led strip light conversion.

I had 3 strip lights all using about 20 watts each this was not good for battery life so I decided to try something else.
I didn't want to change the lights as I had fitted them in and the carpet on the walls was cut around them so I decided to modify the lights instead.
The back light I removed all the tubes completely and fitted 2 led strips in there place, this is now perfect and gives as much light as the original florescents did. I reused the existing switch so they looked unchanged, now they use less that half the power they did. Result..

The front lights I decided to leeve unmolested I kept the fluorescents as they did give a warmer feel to the van if I wanted them and just added 1 led strip in the middle with an extra switch to turn on and off.

   The heating on the van works a treat its 17 in and 1deg outside. Nice and cosy!  The view was nice too Sun morning

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