Friday, 11 September 2015

How not to stealth camp

I decided one day as I do to go on a stealth camp that evening to my local spot.
Well all was quiet, and so was I as I always am to not attract attention to myself and at aprox 10.30 in comes another small camper to the car park.
Bang goes the doors and rev rev goes the engine. I'm thinking this is not a stealth.......
These stupid people make it bad for everyone as I'm sat here as quiet as can be and then some pillock parks next to me in the car park and is making enough noise for the pair of us.

The trouble I have is there is no respect for others. I'm not so much bother about myself but the people who live in this area and may not be nimby's and turn a blind eye to the fact people do park and camp over night here.
All these local people have to do is make a complaint and the local council put up signs saying no overnight camping, thus making it more than likely we could be moved on in the night.

So conclusion these pillocks are either 1. Conpletly thick  2.totaly selfish. 3. Or both.
So if your reading this, come on people have a bit of courtesy and don't be an asset or it will reckon it for everyone!

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