Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Youtube mobile app not working after comments fiasco

Hello guys . Welcome to my next post in this blog I'm having a bit of a moan about the youtube app in this once. sorry. I don't seem to have had any updates or any messages to update my app but it seems that when I try to use it I cannot reply to any comments this seems to be the same problem that we had on the computer about 2 or 3 days ago. it seems there doing the pc updates first or the implementation on desktop computers first and then concentrating on the mobile apps later well I hope so because I use my mobile app to read my comments quite a lot and it would be a real bind if I was unable to reply to them. Nevermind we shall have to wait and see.

It's been a difficult week this week on the tube. I have only just really got into youtube properly in the last month or 2 as I work from home I have decided to spend a little bit more time or rather invest a little bit more of my time in my youtube channels. having them change all the comments sections that hit it very hard to implement things due to being unable to answer comments or reply to comments. The numbers of subs I have got in the last 2 to 3 months have grown quite steadily and I like to be able to keep up with my subscribers and replied to the comments I feel this is a very important part of our community and the success of our channels.

As of the 12th of november it appears the implementations have become a little bit more stable I'm able to reply to some other comments now what is much better its it was said that this would only happen to new a comment since the changes came into effect but I think im I did find that I was able to apply to some of the older comments prior to the  implementation.

Anyway hope you guys for following me on youtube are all well if you're unable to leave a comment pick 2 to the fact that you don't have a google account please feel free to follow me on my facebook page and keep up to date with the videos on youtube.

Thanks again
Peace in every step :-)

Scudo camper

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